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Find your Happy with the Science of Successful Living


I'm a mom, a coach, geek and a herbal health practitioner. My background is of growing up in rural SA, during the time of Apartheid. This gave me the unique perspective of a brown female in the age of awakening freedom. I have experienced both cultural conditioning that teaches you to know your place and cultural awakening that taught me to be disobedient, disruptive to society norms and courageous enough to set new standards for the way I wanted to be. 

Having spent 14 years immersed in the business and marketing arena in Cape Town, I now live on a farm in Ladysmith in rural KZN where the extremes of access and poverty, have really opened up my drive to facilitate constructive change for communities. I have walked the talk of being and creating my best self and my best life in every moment out of necessity. 

Emotional and physical pain from both self induced stress and disease, brought me to a place where I knew, that life had to change. I had to change. My coaching has brought me a sense of personal mastery that I teach my clients with incredible results. 

Through years of research and practice, The Science of Successful Living has been developed as a set of guidelines to the most effective ways to eat, sleep, move, communicate and be, in every moment. This is based on the latest neuroscience. My research has all been fueled by my desire to fix me. Turns out, coaching is not so much a fixing, as it is a re-calibrating to factory settings. The idea that you can be happy, and successful, and wealthy, and healthy is so controversial, that I couldn't help but dare to have this. I love the idea of being so completely in love with my life that it is almost revolutionary. In a world that has created huge business out of pain, I want to start the revolution of Happiness. 

Hi, I'm Fiona, and I am a Success Coach specialising in resiliency training.