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Find your Happy with the Science of Successful Living

The Science of Successful Living with Fiona Juan 

Success Coaching is about teaching you a way of being, so powerful that you are able to set goals that move you forward with such momentum as to be a force of nature. 

Fiona Juan


'From working with my communication style, fine tuning my goals and teaching me how to improve my confidence, Fiona has allowed me to grow under her guidence and watchful eye. I now run my own business and have the ability to reset my direction when things feel out of line. She has helped me to trust my own inner compass! Thank you Fiona!'

~Johnathan S 

Cape Town 2016


'My health improved when Fiona showed me how mindset played a role in healing. Fiona uncovered beliefs in my life where I was my own worst enemy. We worked through them, one by one and she was patient enough to teach me methods of coping with what I thought was just the way my life was going to be. She didn't allow me to accept defeat. I'm able to thrive again. ' 

~ Tshepo M

Cape Town 2015


' I have to admit, I didn't know if coaching would help me. I am so glad I worked with Fiona. My happiness levels were always last on my list. She has helped me to find a new way of living where I have meaning. I feel useful again. I know that things are just getting better and better. Knowing that I could whatsapp my questions and she would answer them gave me confidence.'

~Michelle T

Online Coaching 2016